I thoroughly enjoyed doing live sound. I love being social with people and I was able to be a part of some really great productions. I also like recording when it’s with someone I know and it’s a genre of music that I like or is interesting. It was an awesome experience being able to record such a unique individual. Angie and I taught each other the whole time we recorded. On another note, doing the live sound landed me a gig doing the high school’s One Act Plays on May 18th and 19th.


Like the individual audio files, I use EQ and compression on the master track. I like adding compression in the final step to give one last bit of a tighter sound. After I have the mix the way I want it, I send the outputs into a new track and re-record the song so I can then normalize the audio track and export it as a file.

Like the live version of Fireflies, I got rid of the unwanted frequencies and then added a bit of compression to each file. After getting rid of the unwanted frequencies, I did add a bit of EQ to the frequencies that sound good for the guitars.

I wanted to give the vocals a little reverb to set them in the mix a bit. Especially with the harmonies. They all sound like they are in the same room.

The acoustic version of Fireflies was completely different when mixing. We had multiple vocal tracks and multiple guitar tracks. I panned the guitar tracks hard left and right in the mix. The lead vocals and vocal harmony 3 were both panned center while the 1st and 2nd harmonies were panned 53 to the left and right. Angie wanted to keep a bluegrass type feel to the song so I kept the vocal panning somewhat tighter so sound more like a trio. I used an aux track with reverb on it to send the tracks to.

Just a quick pic of the fade outs at the end of the song.